19. Devouring the Forest Fire

19 / Devouring the Forest Fire
While Kåñëa and Balaräma and Their friends were engaged in the pastimes described above, the cows, being unobserved, began to wander off on their own, entering farther and farther into the deepest part of the forest, allured by fresh grasses. The goats, cows and buffalo traveled from one forest to another and entered the forest known as Iñikäöavi. This forest was full of green grass, and therefore they were allured; but when they entered, they saw that there was a forest fire, and they began to cry. On the other side, Balaräma and Kåñëa, along with Their friends, could not find their animals, and they became very aggrieved. They began to trace the cows by following their footprints, as well as the path of eaten grass. All of the boys were fearing that their very means of livelihood, the cows, were now lost. Soon, however, they heard the crying of their cows. Kåñëa began to call the cows by their respective names, with great noise. Upon hearing Kåñëa calling, the cows immediately replied with joy. But by this time the forest fire surrounded all of them, and the situation appeared to be very fearful. The flames increased as the wind blew very quickly, and it appeared that everything movable and immovable would be devoured. All the cows and the boys became very frightened, and they looked towards Balaräma the way a dying man looks at the picture of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They said, "Dear Kåñëa and Balaräma, we are now burning from the heat of this blazing fire. Let us take shelter of Your lotus feet. We know You can protect us from this great danger. Our dear friend Kåñëa, we are Your intimate friends. It is not right that we should suffer in this way. We are all completely dependent on You, and You are the knower of all religious life. We do not know anyone except You."
The Personality of Godhead heard the appealing voices of His friends, and casting a pleasing glance over them, He began to answer. By speaking through His eyes, He impressed His friends that there was no cause for fear. Then Kåñëa, the supreme mystic, the powerful Personality of Godhead, immediately swallowed up all the flames of the fire. The cows and boys were thus saved from imminent danger. Out of fear, the boys were almost unconscious, but when they regained their consciousness and opened their eyes, they saw that they were again in the forest with Kåñëa, Balaräma and the cows. They were astonished to see that they were completely free from the attack of the blazing fire and that the cows were saved. They secretly thought that Kåñëa must not be an ordinary boy, but some demigod.
In the evening, Kåñëa and Balaräma, along with the boys and cows, returned to Våndävana, playing Their flutes. As they approached the village, all the gopés became very joyous. Throughout the day the gopés used to think of Kåñëa while He was in the forest, and in His absence they were considering one moment to be like twelve years.
Thus ends the Bhaktivedanta purport of the Nineteenth Chapter of Kåñëa, "Devouring the Forest Fire."

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